Joaquin Miller, who is fondly remembered for the national poem he wrote about persistence, had a Native American daughter.

Joaquin Miller’s poem, “Columbus”* was required reading in American schools for around 75 years, but his first novel, Life Among the Modocs, is about the people lost in the American genocide…

This brings tears to my eyes. So many years of exhaustion, fighting for balance in communities of need as corporations do whatever they want. Exhaustion. Hope. This is the wisdom of a writer!

We'd love some help trying to #savemillscollege. Please take a look at our efforts!

A simple system for self-identifying our stance+situation.

Infographic designed by Kristen Caven, ©2020 CC0

“I’d invite you in for a minute but..

(lengthy explanation of who I’ve seen and what I don’t know).”

“I’d like to hang out but…

(lengthy explanation of who I’ve seen and what I don’t know).”

“I’d give you a hug but…”

The long explanations and hyper-vigilance are getting stressful. Almost as stressful as self-isolation. With the holidays around the corner, I was wondering why there isn’t an easier way…

My Niece’s Bat Mizvah drash sheds light on the “Me Too” Movement.

Watching my niece read her sermon, I had to keep the tissues handy watching my niece own this piece of cultural history.

Hi, I’m Alexa.

Today I get to talk about one of the most interesting parts of…

Dinah of Genesis finally gets to say, “Me, Too.”

I am not a Jew, but I feel so fortunate that my brother chose to become one when he took his first wife. (Sounds so biblical, doesn’t it?) Through him, I learned so much about Judaism that none of my Jewish…

Tech talk for time travelers—conservation for preservationists

As Climate Change goes from An Inconvenient Truth to Something We Can’t Ignore to The Way We’ll Have To Live The Rest Of Our Lives, I’m ready to normalize conversation about it and bring action into every part of my life.

As a lover of historic recreation events, I often…

I am a cartoon logo

To be a successful writer (or artist, or anything that involves money, relationship, or consistency), we are now supposed to think of ourselves as a brand.

For years I have helped other artists and creatives to try to craft their image, but I can’t seem to do it for myself…

Could this be the word we have been looking for?

There is a moment in my graphic novella, The Reason She Left, where the questioning protagonist brings a conversation about epistemology to a standstill.

from The Reason She Left by Kristen Baumgardner Caven

The characters are talking about how the suffix “-ism” is used to classify a thought system, like like optimism or pessimism, sadism or masochism, nihilism, realism…and…

Kristen Caven’s speech to awardees on Oakland’s Zorgos Day, October 15th.

Mayoral proclamation for “Zorgos Day”

On his first day of sixth grade, my son was pushed, kicked, threatened, and chased. Being the shortest kid and wearing glasses is the classic recipe for being a target — even if you’re not also the racial minority…

Mayor Libby Schaff proclaimed October 15th “Zorgos Day” in Oakland, recognizing our work giving 3000 copies away to teach parents about ACEs, bullying dynamics, and positive parenting. Our goal was to help parents build connection and support in changing negative patterns.

Zorgos is the superpower that prevents bullying. Inspired by the esperanto word for “I will take care.”

To celebrate “Zorgos Day,” we will be honoring community leaders who are creating positive change, with an awards dinner at The Bellevue Club.

Kristen Caven

Creative innovator, energy upshifter, literary instigator, visionary. Also likes shoes. My books are at

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